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Snuggly Mom

Snuggly Top

Snuggly Top

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Wear this underneath your favorite shirt or dress. Just unhook your nursing bra, position your baby to nurse, then get your baby latched on to begin feeding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Confidently nursing in public!

I am on my second nursing journey and I can definitely say these are a game changer! My first journey I nursed twins and I always used a cover and the babies were fine. This journey my baby is so nosy and wants to see everything so he hates being covered and I was starting to be discouraged because he would just cry until I uncovered him. I was wearing the pink tank in this pic and no one could even tell he was nursing! The tank is soo soft! It didn’t make me feel hot which was surprising because I usually am hot natured and can’t wear undershirts. This one is very lightweight and soft. My baby was so much happier not being covered and I felt confident nursing him without the cover because I didn’t feel exposed! This is such a great tank! I feel it can even be worn as just a tank during the summer. Can’t wait to share this shirt with friends who are planning on nursing their babies!

Love this so much!

So I had a dilemma because I typically use covers and have a pretty large chest, but my baby is getting so curious and doesn’t want to be covered anymore. A friend of mine told me about these and my life has never been easier since I have started wearing this as a staple for my breastfeeding wardrobe. I am amazed that no one ever knows that my baby is latched and I don’t have to feel awkward around anyone now. I will have to order more because I plan to wear this everyday while I’m breastfeeding.

I wish I had this sooner

As a breastfeeding mom now on to nursing my third child, I can confidently say that this undershirt is an absolute game-changer! It's comfortable, practical, and makes nursing in public a breeze. The fabric is soft against mine and my baby’s skin, and the discreet design allows me to nurse anywhere without feeling exposed. I wish I had discovered this undershirt sooner—it's a must-have for any breastfeeding mom! I have a friend who is expecting in the Summer and I will be gifting one to her.

Comfortable and modest shirt

I was given a couple of these tanks for my honest review. These tank tops are lightweight and have a panel to lift up for nursing. The panel is stitched in the middle so that you only have to uncover one side at a time. My current nursling is 2 years old and mostly only nursing at nighttime, so I’ve been using the tanks as pajama tops. They are comfortable and I am able to nurse without revealing too much, which is nice. If wearing out and about I would probably wear as an undershirt or under a sweater. I appreciate the opportunity to try these, and I’m happy to add them to my collection for our future baby!