My Story

I’m a wife, mother of 4, and Army Veteran, but before I became any of those, I was first a daughter to my mother. Many people may be unable to relate to having children of their own, or with the decision to breast feed, but every one of us has a mom who gave birth to us. We never want to hear of any mother  being uncomfortable while doing what is the best for their baby, especially feeding and nourishing them. However, many mothers have had to face that very struggle due to a lack of support and available options for breastfeeding mothers. My mom told me she used a blanket to cover me and my siblings when we were babies, but said that it got more difficult as we got older and pulled the blanket off of her and she would then nurse us outside in the car or a nearby bathroom for privacy. Some days she decided not to go anywhere because it became too much for her to handle when figuring out how to feed us publicly. Unfortunately, this is still a struggle that many mothers are grappling with because many of us don't feel comfortable being seen breastfeeding when our body is exposed to people we are not comfortable being uncovered around. Breastfeeding our baby shouldn't have to be done in a nursing mothers room for us to feel most comfortable in public. This shirt provides the feeling of privacy because no one realizes that your baby is latched because it appears that you're simply snuggling them.

When I had my first son, I tried using nursing covers, but we got so hot underneath them in the warmer months and I always felt the large blankets, ponchos and nursing covers attracted so much unwanted attention with the colorful designs. My son once batted the cover I was using out of the way and a random man saw my breast as my son turned his head away from me and I was so embarrassed when we made eye contact. My children hated being under the nursing covers because they were so curious and wanted to be able to see everything around them. I tried to purchase nursing clothing to make breastfeeding more simple, but found that it was really expensive to buy items specifically for the breastfeeding functionality. I felt the nursing clothing left me more exposed than necessary while focusing more on easy-access than modesty. I often would buy items because they were made for breastfeeding, even though it wasn't my preferred style or very fashionable. I thought it would make more sense to wear whatever I wanted with this breastfeeding shirt underneath that provided the coverage I desired to breastfeed confidently, no matter where I was or who was around whenever my baby was hungry.  

I wholeheartedly believe that a mother should feed her baby any time and place, regardless of whether she is covered or not. I desire to provide an additional option to help mothers who are already doing what is best for their baby by breastfeeding them, but that no longer means that mom's have to sacrifice the modesty that is important to them. Breastfeeding is normal and natural, but being uncovered around strangers no longer has to be if you are ready for a new alternative. I tried to force myself to become comfortable, but it just didn't work well for me, especially because my chest is larger. My goal was to find a way to breastfeed my baby in a way that covered the top of my breast and allowed me to wear any clothing I liked, so that I could still enjoy it long after my nursing journey was complete. I have worked so hard making that a reality for myself and I am so happy to finally be able to help mothers everywhere experience the same freedom I have found.