My Story

When I had my first son, I was very nervous and didn't feel comfortable with any options available for breastfeeding around others. I always went somewhere private to avoid the awkward feeling of being exposed while trying to hide my baby under a blanket or cover. Sometimes I chose to miss out on gatherings or spent the majority of the day in my room alone with my son to have the privacy I desired. Breastfeeding was important to me, but I began to feel depressed from having distant relationships. Once I got pregnant with my second son I searched for a flexible option to provide the modest look I wanted, but couldn't find anything. I got started drawing out a design and taught myself the basics to sew one to test my concept. After realizing how revolutionary this was, I started the utility patent process and it was successfully granted in the years that followed.  

After I began using this, I no longer felt nervous to nurse in public and was able to socialize more. My family and friends never realized when I began or ended nursing because my baby would be snuggled up and fall asleep after the cozy nursing session. When other mom's kept asking me about it, I realized this could help moms who wanted to stay covered without using a nursing cover that hides and overheats their baby. This product was improved over ten years as I went on to have a total of four children. I got feedback and made sure this was loved by several mothers before launching to the public to ensure the highest quality. My goal is to give moms the very best nursing experience. I am confident this product is the unique solution you've been searching for.